Community Education

Quigley House is pleased to offer speakers to raise awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault. Speakers are trained to present on the dynamics of domestic violence and/or sexual assault, give an overview of services offered by Quigley House, and share how you can help. We will gladly come to your place of business, organization, place of worship, or school. Presentations can be tailored to the audience and time allowed. We can speak for 5 minutes or an hour depending on your needs. 



  • Domestic Violence(DV) and/or Sexual Assault(SA)
  • Services provided by Quigley House
  • Training for Medical Professionals 
  • Preventing DV and SA in the workplace
  • How to get help if you are in a DV/SA relationship
  •  Age appropriate information for school age children, how they can get help if they need it


Please contact  Carolyn Krall at 904-284-0340 x317 or to request a speaker. In order to meet your request, please allow a minimum of 2 weeks before your event.