Quigley House Wish List

We are so lucky to have so many members of the community that contribute welcome bags, quilts, food, etc for our shelter. Every little bit helps! This is our current Wish List, but please remember any donation is welcome. Also, please understand that we cannot accept any gift that represents violence (i.e. a toy gun). You are more than welcome to wrap the gifts, but we will have to unwrap them before giving them to the participants so we can make sure everything donated is appropriate. Thank you so much for your support!

Arts and Crafts Supplies (Paint)

Gas cards

Gift cards

Gifts for moms

Items for when they exit shelter like small appliances, irons, dish sets, silverware, etc

Items for Christmas like nail polish and makeup sets.

Slippers – All sizes (women, children and men)

Gifts for teenager boy and girls ages 13-17

Clothing of all sizes for women, children and men

Pajamas, jackets, shirts, pants, shorts, etc.

Socks for all ages (women, children and men)

Underwear for all ages (women, children and men)

Diaper rash ointment

Children’s and infants Tylenol

Children’s and infants cold medicine

Alarm clocks

Baby monitors

Shoes – All sizes (women, children and men)

Women’s personal items (tampons and pads)


Knitted hats

Reading glasses


Blankets & Quilts

Dog food & treats