Get Involved!

Since 1988, Quigley House volunteers have been vital to our continuous growth and outreach. It is essential to us that we work with people in our community to further our mission. Since we are a comprehensive shelter, we require services that any business and/or home requires and your individual skills and talents are just what we need!

Check out some of our opportunities: Individual Volunteer Job Descriptions or Group Volunteer Job Descriptions.To get started, we would need for you to fill out our Volunteer-Application and contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Caitlin Sears 904-284-0340 ext 319 or , to get set up with a volunteer orientation.


Orientation includes:

  • History of Quigley House
  • Review of Quigley House Services in the community
  • Volunteering Opportunities and requirements



  • Special Events:
    •  Wine tasting in April and Purple Ribbon Golf Tournament in October


  • Direct Client Services:
    • Working with our participants as an advocate, driving them to and from appointments, on-call sexual assault center advocate, answering hotline calls, etc. (Requires extensive training and background checks)


  • Arts &Crafts:
    •  Working with children in shelter by doing an arts and crafts project.
  • Landscape/Maintenance:
    •  Washing windows, providing minor maintenance repairs, lawn/garden services, etc


  • Booths:
    • Represent Quigley House at table events such as fairs, hand out pamphlets of information and speak to general population about Quigley House services


  • Thrift Store-:
    • Our thrift store is open Tuesday- Saturday from 10am- 6pm each day. Volunteering at the thrift store would include sorting through clothing donations, testing donated electronics, etc.
    • If you are in need of community service, we ask that you volunteer your time to the thrift store. If you have questions or concerns, please call them at 904.406.0885


  • Primary Prevention:
    •  Speaking on behalf of Quigley House to school-age children to help them understand the importance of healthy relationships, communication, age-appropriate material on domestic violence and sexual assault.


  • Kennel Maintenance:
    •  We are thrilled that we have our pet kennel available to our participants. Since leaving a pet behind in the midst of a domestic violence situation is usually out of the question, we are now able to provide shelter to any pet that our participants bring with them. As with any kennel, the upkeep is important to ensure the health and safety of our furry friends. This is a great way to provide services to Quigley House!



This list is to give you an idea of the many services we provide and areas where volunteering would benefit our participants. If you have other ideas or have a large group, please feel free to contact us and we will work with you to use your skills and talents!