Community Education

While many of our services are based on intervention, we know that the best way to end DV and SA is to be proactive rather than reactive. Education is the key component to prevention in our community and there are so many ways to spread the word. Our education programs give the people in the community the tools and information they need to understand the dynamics of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and intervention processes. We will gladly come to your place of business, faith-based organization, civic organization, school, etc to provide education to any group at any level. We tailor our programs to fit any frame of time you have available, anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 or more hours.

Presentations about:

  • Domestic Violence(DV) and/or Sexual Assault(SA)
  • Services provided by Quigley House
  • Breaking gender role stereotypes, putting a stop to victim blaming, building healthy relationships, cultivating communication skills, cultivating healthy coping skills
  • Preventing DV and SA in the workplace
  • How to get help if you are in a DV/SA relationship
  •  Age appropriate information for school age children, how they can get help if they need it


If you are interested in having a presentation at your next group meeting or gathering, please do not hesitate to call at 904-284-0340 ext 321. Please email Christine Parker at to learn more information and schedule a presentation.