Chief Executive Officer: Peggy Payne

Executive Assistant: Julie Ann Rivera

Director of Sexual Assault Services: Jennifer Rodriguez

Sexual Assault Advocate: Amanda Poidevant

Director of Domestic Violence Services: Cat Bowden

House Facilities Manager: Darlene Hogan

Resident Advocates: Marie Mackinnon

Kellie Partridge

Tracy Scoville

Anne Zawada

Janey Fox

Child Advocate: Chistina Lemire

Adult Advocate/Outreach Counselor: Annie Schneiderman, Intern

Case Manager: Riece Hamilton

Outreach Court Advocates: Kay Griner

Stacy Herridge

Director of Fundraising: Steve Conrad

Director of Finance: Connie Suggs

Development Specialist/Alternatives Program Administrator: Ilene Fisher

Alternatives Program Facilitator: Debra Newman, M.A.

Community Education Specialist:

Volunteer Coordinator/ Social Media: Molly Newsom

Thrift Store Manager: Jeff LaVangie

Thrift Store Staff: Charley Pepples

Randy Benoit

Donna Watson

Shirley Dukhie