Board of Directors 2017

Our Board of Directors and CEO at Red, White & Blush

Board of Directors pictured are from left to right: Chief Robert Musco, Kathryn Hester, Janie Simpson, Shannah Kosek, Joelle Marquis, Our CEO Peggy Payne, Roxanne Miller, Floy Turner, Shannon Harbour, Jerry Coxen Jr.

President: Janie Simpson

Treasurer: Esther Nichols

Historian: Jerry Coxen


Michael Brost

Chief Gary Goble

Shannon Harbour

Kathryn Hester

Shannah Kosek

Joelle Marquis

Lorin Mock

Andrea Hepburn


Board members set overall policy for the organization, oversee finances, lead fundraising efforts and help promote the organization.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Quigley House Board of Directors, please email Peggy Payne